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  • Connector.Connector.


    Koyomi Araragi is almost hman again after briefly bcoming a vampire. When Hitagi falls down the stairs into his arms, he discovers he wieghs almost nothing, and offers her help from a middle-aged man. Koyomi encounters different apperitions in a series of interconnected stories. See Episodes

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    Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper a death personification similar to the Grim Reaper — from another Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki. His newfound powers force him to take on the duties of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to the afterlife. See Episodes

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    Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail is an anime series based on the manga of the same name written by Hiro Mashima. Produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight and directed by Shinji Ishihira, it was broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 12, 2009 to March 30, 2013, and later continued its run on April 5, 2014. The series follows the adventures of the wizard Lucy Heartfilia after she joins the Fairy Tail wizards' guild and partners with Natsu Dragneel, another mage who is searching for the dragon Igneel. See Episodes

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    Fruits Basket

    The series tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who, after meeting Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma, learns that twelve members of the Sohma family are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac (Jūnishi?) and are cursed to turn into their animal forms when they are weak, stressed, or when they are embraced by anyone of the opposite sex that is not possessed by a zodiacal spirit. In the anime it is possible to transform through torso contact. See Episodes

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    Naruto Shippuden

    Naruto: Shippuden is an anime series adapted from Part II of the Naruto manga series by Masashi Kishimoto. The series is directed by Hayato Date and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. Naruto: Shippuden is a continuation of the Naruto manga, and continues the same story line after the passing of two and a half years in the Naruto universe. See Episodes

  • Connector.Connector.


    The black swindler Kaiki Deishu, who once deceived Hitagi, returns to town and spreads the incantation which cursed Nadeko before. Koyomi’s sisters Karen and Tsukihi try to capture Deishu but… See Episodes