Diablo III

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Where to start, should I mention this game holds the record for the most pre-ordered game in the history of gaming with more than 2 Million online pre-orders as well as Amazon declaring that DIII has sold more pre-orders than any other game ever on their website.

Now it is safe to assume that many people have been looking forward to this games release, alright lets not beat about the bush EVERYONE has been looking with bedazzled eyes at this game and licking their lips.
However Blizzard being as powerful as a company can get before ascending to godhood knew they may encounter some problems with launching the game so they hosted a open-beta weekend to see how their servers held up against the onslaught of sweaty nerds trying to play there favorite game over 2 days. The result a resounding ‘meh’, half the people could not login threw the weekend and the other half had such bad lag they couldn’t play.

Now that’s not to say it was a complete hash, it was more of a partial disappointment.
The genius programers and server maintenance mangers at Blizzard then decided that a bit more work was needed on the server and diligently went to work upgrading the servers and……. Syke! haha as if!

A post by Blizzard themselves demonstrates my point:

Error 37:
Players may experience a delay of up to 40 seconds when logging in, followed by the message Error 37. If you do receive this message please just try to log in again, this should only be a temporary message and should go away upon re-trying.

Error 315300:
Please check this article regarding this error:

Error 3014:
Please ensure that you have completely removed the Beta client, and that you are using only the full game client available here:

Error 3006:
The main causes for Error 3006 have been resolved. If you still experience this issue please check our Connection Guide:

Error 3007:
Error 3007 can be caused by connection instability. You may be able to work around this by joining General Chat in-game. Please also check our guide regarding this error:

Error 108:
This error is caused by the download being incomplete and terminated early. Please run the downloader again, and let it close automatically. Do not end the downloader manually.

The game launched and everyone got as far as the login screen and then were stopped by something that looked suspiciously like the error message they received while playing the open-beta.
Now the question running threw peoples heads is “why did they have a open-beta if the problem still exists in the released version?” well the answer to that is simply that Blizzard wanted to see how little they could do for DIII and still have it working, the answer they gave us is ….. oh wait they didn’t give any excesses this time. Well unfortunately they do not have to.
Being a multi-billion doller company they have the best Eula’s this side of the planet and can confidently say “Go away and leave us alone” to the fan base and not have to worry about law suits.
However this attitude was greeted with (understatement) severe anger and copious flaming on the DIII forums.

Here are just a few post from the DIII forums demonstrating the steadily increasing flames on Blizzard:

Littlenicky: Although we all shouldn’t be so eager to play and be trying to login the second it comes online.. I must ask why Blizzard aren’t more prepared for these kind of things.

You clearly know by estimate how many people are going to be playing the game so.. you’d think you might of at least prepared better šŸ™

I only want to get to the char page to have a nose.. don’t even want to play it properly till tomoz lol.

Ā Manfred: The ancient myths have foretold the coming of the vile Error 37 beast…

…it is undoubtedly a most cunning and evil endeavor to thwart our valiant efforts to save the world from certain destruction.

Let us not loose hope and patiently await Blizzard to open the European portal so that we can obliterate the terrible Error 37 menace once an for all!

Now some fan went the extra mile and even made a complaint petition to raise the issue of lag and unavailability of the game.

Dear gamers, if you are here, you are probably one of the thousands of people that have posted in the topic “Login and ‘Error 37′” on the EU Diablo 3 battle.net forum. At the moment of this writing, this topic has 1.052 pages, indicating that the interest exhibited is quite huge.

Now that is smart thinking, then again Blizzard wont pay attention to it since they have the Eula to protect them like the mighty shield of solid diamond!

Lets see what Blizzards thoughts are on the issues surrounding the launch:

We are currently addressing an issue with the Battle.net service. During this time the Battle.net servers and any online games will be unavailable for play. We are working diligently to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Well that was helpful, no ETA, no answers to the hoards of questions asking “Why were you not prepared for this when you had the beta weekend to see how to handle the problems that have arisen now”

All this proves is that the most anticipated and loved single player game this year has crashed into a pile of steaming shit (excuse the french) and now lays there being trampled by the nerd rage of 11 million people.

Stay tuned for a review of the ACTUAL game since right now I am waiting for the Error 33 to go jump of a software bridge.