Gamo Ammunition Red Fire

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I bought these pellets recently and I have to admit they live up to there expectations.
I experienced a 50% increase in penetration. However they also cause more destabilization of the pellet while in flight.

These pellets have an interesting effect on impact. They remind me of the tanks armor piercing rounds, specifically this round:

The M829A2 APFSDS is a third-generation anti-tank round based on the M829 penetrator and designed for the 120 mm M256 main gun in the M1A1 (or later) Abrams main battle tank. The M829A2 was rapidly developed to have the capability to destroy tanks equipped with Kontakt-5 reactive armor. The M829A2 has several improvements over the M829A1, including: a longer depleted uranium penetrating rod than previous designs, giving it improved performance over previous types of anti-tank rounds; better manufacturing processes for the penetration; and a partially cut propelling charge to allow it to be more energetic while loading like a stick charge. The M829A2 was also the first APFSDS round to use carbon fiber sabot petals, reducing the weight of the overall round and allowing for the larger penetration. Combined these features boost its muzzle velocity by 100 m/s to 1,680 m/s, while operating at slightly lower pressure.

These pellets function in a similar way on impact except for the explosive part of course.

Pellet Weight: 7.8 grain
Caliber: 4,5 .177
Intense Penetration
Uniformed Expansion
Advanced airgun ammunition designed for hunting