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The New Eden News application is something that was born out of the need to keep in touch and up to date with the community of the game EVE Online.
EVE Online has such a large community following that sometimes it can become hard to have all the facts about what is currently going on or what is the current topic of discussion. This application solves that problem but giving you a list of sources for news/reviews/podcasts/livestreams & universe alerts.


Feature List:

  • All the best news sources listed
  • Ability to choose what news you want to get
  • EVE podcasts
  • EVE videocasts
  • Livestreams such as EVE Radio & New Eden Radio
  • Twitch streaming notifications (BETA)
  • Utilities such as Jackknife, EVE Scout, EVE Central, Tripwire & more
  • Official EVE channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google+


If you have a website/blog or podcast that you would like to have added to the application then simply fill in the form below and we can see about adding it.


If you need help please check out the FAQ

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