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Survivors Toolbox







The amazing island of ARK Survival Evolved can be challenging and its nice having tools to help you while your in-game! This application has everything you need to be a master survivor in the island!

With Survivors Toolbox you can see all the latest news & videocasts as well as joining any of the ARK forums from the best websites/blogs/other that the internet has to offer.

  • All the best news sources listed such as ARKaholic, Reddit, Kotaku & more
  • Patch notes notification tracker to keep you updated with the latest changes
  • Ability to choose what news you want to get by using the manage menu option
  • Forums from various sources
  • Various Wikis to help you with any information
  • Forge Calculator with metal & gasoline calculators included
  • Mortar & Pestle Calculator with all product calculators included
  • Points of interest such as cave & beacon maps to ensure the fun never stops
  • Carryable Dinos Chart (provided by Dododex)
  • Damage Modifier Chart (provided by Dododex)
  • Taming Calculator (provided by LandDragoon & Dododex)
  • Breeding Calculator (provided by LandDragoon)
  • Damage Calculator (provided by LandDragoon)
  • Dino Stats Calculator (provided by Dododex)
  • Engram Calculator (provided by LandDragoon)
  • Experience Calculator (provided by LandDragoon)
  • Server Listings so you can always have somewhere to play
  • Videocasts featuring names such as Partially Royal, Ascalter & Shimore Show [RU]
  • Official ARK channels such as Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google+
  • ARK support link in case you find a bug!


This application will develop with time and as new and interesting news sources become available they will be added to the application, if you have a news feed or blog or podcast on ARK and would like to have it featured on the application then please contact the developer via the email link at the bottom.

If you have a website or blog that you would like to have added to the application then simply fill in the form below and we can see about adding it.

This application is a fan-made application and in no way official or sponsored by ARK Survival Evolved or Studio Wildcard. All logos for ARK Survival Evolved are trademark property of Studio Wildcard.


If you need help please check out the FAQ

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