RLA (Real Life Anime)

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Well I suppose some of you are now asking yourselfs what is Real Life Anime, or what is the average temperature of mars, or will alternative energy sources ever become available?

To answer those questions in no particular order, yes, 218 °K (-55 °C, -67 °F), Movies created by companies or people to mimic or reproduce Anime series or movies.

This interesting topic I happened to stumble across while searching YouTube for something new, it is a shocking revelation that I never though of searching for this subject matter before, to put the description in a nutshell these movies or videos are created using special effects software (like Adobe After Effects) to reproduce the abilities or techniques used in Animes.

To give you an example a video created by a company called ‘Thousand Pounds Action Company‘ created an amazing video called ‘Dreamers Fight’ which has been split into two parts. Part one is currently out and airing and part two will be released sometime in July.

As you can see from now watching part one of this amazing rendition of Naruto Shippuuden, you can understand how people are clamoring to see part 2.

However I would like to point out that there are MANY MANY videos out there and this is one of the best, however there are many other good ones as well such as this one:

Now if you have a video like these and want to share it with the world then STEP right up and contact me, I will put it on this post so that more people can experience the pulse pounding action of RLA!