Skins, Skins Everywhere

Dante Campbell BLOG, EVE Online

So for those of you living under a rock or simply not aware, CCP recently introduced the SKINS system into EVE Online.

Why am I making a post about this? Quite simple really, its got to do with amazing looking ships that you will never have.
Because on the 1st of May the players discovered a bug in the system that allowed them to put any ship skin onto any ship, this however was not what CCP ‘envisioned‘.
CCP wanted to charge players money to put certain skins on certain ships, however the skins in question were not thought to be worth the amount of real life money they were asking. So when the players realised they could skin any ship with any skin then the skins system became something worth sinking money into.

However CCP decided that this was not the “visual target that we have for the EVE Universe” and removed the bug shortly afterwards.
Since I believe that the bug was in fact a blessing I have amassed a collection of skinned ships and present them to you so you can either riot at CCP or cry over not being able to ever get these in-game.


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