Thermal Jacket (Custom Creation)

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Basically I created this jacket to keep myself warm in the winter or night.
This jacket is primarily a normal run-of-the-mill sleeveless zipper jacket with very little padding on the inside.

What I then did was to measure and cut out some pieces of a Geyser Blanket out to use as a insulation material on the inside of the jacket instead of the normal padding.
One thing you have to make sure of though is that you waterproof the geyser blanket pieces because otherwise if they get wet then they will not only reverse the whole point of the jacket, it will also never get dry.

First off you un-stitch the bottom stitching of the jacket then you insert the already cut, measured and sealed geyser blanket pieces. I used one for the back and two for the front.

Once that is done you stitch up the jacket again. I used dental floss to stitch it up again since I have found it to be near unbreakable.

Hope you enjoy your new Thermal Jacket.